[Watercolor painting of trees in the fall]

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[Watercolor painting of trees in the fall]


Watercolor painting--United States. [LCSH]
Landscape painting--United States. [LCSH]
Trees in art [LCSH]


Watercolor painting shows an autumn landscape with a stand of trees in the middleground, a body of water in the foreground, and a clear, blue sky in the background. The trees stand in a grouping; seven can distinctly be made out. Their foliage is mostly red and orange with some of the lower leaves on the trees in the front of the stand and toward the back left of the stand still displaying some fading shades of green-brown. The foliage is somewhat sparse and created by dabbing paint rather than brushing it on. A handful of small paint spatters intended for the foliage escape and mar the sky. The shoreline is covered in vegetation in shades of brown and olive green using paint splattering and dabbing techniques. A solid line is visible underneath in places, however, between the land and sky; it's unclear whether that line is painted or is part of an underlying pencil sketch. The shoreline and trees are reflected in the blue water that runs the width of the lower third of the painting. The reflection appears to extend past the confines of the painting. Ripples in the water are depicted in a lighter color blue. The edges of the paper are irregular on three of the four sides; the only perfectly smooth, even edge is the left one. The bottom and right edges are deckled, while the top has clearly been cut with scissors. The paper is medium weight and likely cold pressed.


Gillett, Janice




All rights held by Acacia Williams


Medium: watercolor on paper
Extent: 25.5 x 23 cm


Physical object




Gillett, Janice, “[Watercolor painting of trees in the fall],” Wayne State University - School of Information Sciences, accessed April 20, 2024, https://waynestateu.omeka.net/items/show/555.