Pears and plums

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Pears and plums


Decorative arts.
Acrylic painting.
Fruit in art.


Acrylic painting of pears and plums on wood canvas matted on navy blue paper and framed within a dark mahogany frame. The background of the painting is light tan with specks of dark brown scattered at random. A bundle of golden yellow pears and indigo plums sits near the top center of the wood canvas. One golden yellow pear is in the center of the bundle, while the second is positioned near the bottom right of the bundle and angled toward the left. Four plums can be seen in the bundle. The first plum is positioned to the left of the central pear and angled toward the right. The second and third plums are to the top right of the central pear. The final plum is below the second rightmost pear. Both types of fruit are surrounded by green leaves that bend around the fruit's figures. There are about eight leaves in total. Some smaller light green leaves can be seen near the bottom of the bundle, toward the right side. Multiple swirling green vines stem from the left and right sides of the bundle. Small orange buds of pear are seen scattered along the vine on the bottom left, top right, and middle right. At the bottom right corner of the canvas, the signature "Joyce" can be seen written in dark brown ink. The canvas is matted on heavy navy blue paper. The entire matted painting is then framed within a dark mahogany frame.


Muklewicz, Joyce


Wiseman, Mary




Rights over this item are held by the creator, Joyce Muklewicz. Public use of this item or its photograph is permitted with proper credit given to Joyce Muklewicz.


Physical Object




22 x 18 x 1 in (dimensions of frame)


acrylic paint, mahogany (wood), wood



Muklewicz, Joyce, “Pears and plums,” Wayne State University - School of Information Sciences, accessed May 28, 2024,