Floral purse

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Floral purse


Flowers in art.


A dark tan faux suede purse with a large fold-over pocket. Acrylic paint has been applied to the front of the purse. A long strap can be attached to the left and right sides of the purse. On top of the fold-over pocket in the center, a pair of blue-purple pansies is painted, surrounded by small green leaves and vines. A small budding flower is seen to the left and slightly above the two pansies. The pair of pansies are framed with white curved lines. Below the fold-over pocket on the lower portion of the purse, two more blue-purple pansies are painted on the left and right corners. Both pansies have three green leaves stemming from the top, bottom left, and bottom right of the flower. In the center of the lower portion of the purse, there is a small blue-purple bud with tiny green leaves. White curved lines frame the flowers near the top left and right corners and along the bottom of the purse. The inside of the purse is linen. When the purse is open, the circular magnetic gold clasp can be seen. A fabric tag has been sewn onto the inside lower portion of the fold-over pocket. The tag is white and rectangular with four small pink and purple heart-shaped balloons printed on the right side of it. The tag reads "Made for Haley with love by Grammy" in cursive font.


Muklewicz, Joyce




Rights over this item are held by the creator, Joyce Muklewicz. Public use of this item or its photograph is permitted with proper credit given to Joyce Muklewicz.


Physical Object




8 x 9 in


faux suede, acrylic paint, linen (material)


Gift to Haley Rogers from Joyce Muklewicz, 2009.



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