Forest Scene

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Forest Scene


Acrylic paintings
Landscape painting --United States--21st century


Acrylic paint on canvas board. The painting depicts a nature scene with three trees, hills, and a river. The foreground includes brown hills along the bottom of the painting, dots representative of green foliage, and a tan bush with brown lines to represent leaves. Just slightly left of center is a tall straight tree with dark brown bark with light brown texture. The tree has just a few branches up at the top. The foliage of the tree is represented by a pale green circle. Pale blue and white dots represent leaves. The tree to the immediate left of the center tree is also dark brown, but with pale green bark texture. This tree is slightly shorter and has thicker branches at the very top. The foliage at the top is represented by a round off white shape with short light brown lines to represent leaves. A third tree is found on the top right hand corner. Just the top of the foliage is visible, peaking into the frame. It has dark and light brown bark with a gray texture. The foliage of this tree is gray with a pale green texture. The background is made up of layers of different colors and textures. First is a layer of pale green with round bark grown spots. Next is dark brown with light brown spots. A river is represented in the next layer, which is off white with pale blue and green spots. Next is a reddish brown layer switch thin lines of light green. Then a deep golden yellow with white and gray specks. Then a tan layer with light brown slashes. Top left corner features gray. The painting is matte and rough in texture.


Gauthier, Cassandra




Current copyright status held by the artist, Cassandra Gauthier


12 x 5 x 1 inch
Acrylic paint on canvas fabric with wood frame






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