[Watercolor painting: Artist's daughter I]

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[Watercolor painting: Artist's daughter I]


Watercolor painting--United States. [LCSH]
Portrait painting--United States. [LCSH]
Children in art [LCSH]


Watercolor portrait of a young girl--the artist's daughter, here depicted likely around age five. The girl is facing the observer, although not squarely. The girl's body is merely suggested, but based on a related painting ([Artist's daughter II]) she is likely looking at the viewer over her right shoulder. The brushwork is loose and suggestive, more so than the artist's usual work. The girl's clothing appears to be white, with sky-blue accents around the shoulders. The girl's hair, which is just past shoulder-length and straight, is painted in various shades of browns on the left side of the piece, and browns and purples on the right side. The right side of the face, as seen by the observer, is less well-defined and appears to be in deeper shadow. The girl wears a neutral expression and her eyes appear to be cast slightly down and to her right. The eyes are painted in shades of gray. The background around the girl's head is painted an olive-brown color; it does not go to the edge of the paper and coverage varies with the white background showing through in several places where the brush was drier. White space is left around the edges of the painting. Some pencil lines are faintly visible from the original sketch. The paper itself is medium, cold-pressed, and cut cleanly along the bottom and right edges, but is deckle-edged along the left and top edges.


Gillett, Janice




All rights held by Acacia Williams


Medium: watercolor on paper
Extent: 25.2 x 20.7 cm


Physical object




Gillett, Janice, “[Watercolor painting: Artist's daughter I],” Wayne State University - School of Information Sciences, accessed July 15, 2024, https://waynestateu.omeka.net/items/show/544.