[Watercolor painting of a forest from a distance]

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[Watercolor painting of a forest from a distance]


Watercolor painting--United States. [LCSH]
Landscape painting--United States. [LCSH]
Trees in art [LCSH]


Watercolor painting shows a forest in the distance. The painting is done in shades of brown and green. Colors range from opaque to transparent, with the foreground generally being darker and more opaque than the background. Trees vary in their solidity, with some merely being suggested. The foliage, in particular, is amorphous; only the tree trunks and branches are distinct. The tree branches and trunks vary in color from a lighter, burnt sienna brown to a very dark, chocolate brown. Three white projections in the foreground may be trees, but it's unclear; they do not have any leaves and are extremely abstract. White circles and near-circles, absent paint, appear in the foreground of the painting and it's not immediately clear what they are meant to represent, either. There are plenty of open spaces in the forest as well, and vegetation is suggested in these areas, perhaps shrubs, although the painting is loosely styled, so that can only be speculation. In all, the painting only takes up about between a third and half of the total surface area of the paper. The image is located about halfway between the top to bottom of the paper, and stretches the full width of the paper. The shape of the paper is somewhat irregular; it was clearly cut down from a larger piece of watercolor paper. The top edge is deckled; the other edges were trimmed, unevenly, with scissors. This watercolor paper appears to be medium, cold-pressed.


Gillett, Janice




All rights held by Acacia Williams


Medium: watercolor on paper
Extent: 18.9 x 28.1 cm (The second measurement is approximate as the paper is irregular; it represents the greatest extent in that dimension.)


Physical object




Gillett, Janice, “[Watercolor painting of a forest from a distance],” Wayne State University - School of Information Sciences, accessed October 3, 2023, https://waynestateu.omeka.net/items/show/532.