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[Watercolor flowers]


Watercolor painting--United States. [LCSH]
Flowers in art [LCSH]


Watercolor painting depicts flowering plants in colors of yellow, orange, and white. What look to be grey headed cone flowers are painted in a vibrant orange at the bottom left and upper right quadrants. A grouping of white-petaled flowers with golden centers that may be shepherd's needle is painted in the bottom right quadrant. In close to the center of the top half of the painting is a flower that may be white milkweed, with what's possibly an unopened, still green milkweed pod immediately to the left of the bloom. There are also three brown, spiky, globe-shaped, spent flower heads, possibly common burdock; one is near the center of the painting, and the others in the top left and bottom left quadrants. Green leaves and flower stems are also part of the painting.
Some of the white of the paper shows in the background, and the rest of the paper is an abstract backdrop of watercolor "blooms" in a sunny yellow, various shades of blue, and pale green. There are spatters of dark blue, yellow, and green paint across both the subject and the background. The paper is somewhat torn or peeling in a few places on the white milkweed, possibly because masking fluid was used there. Underlying pencil sketch is visible in places. The paper is medium weight, slightly translucent, and probably cold-pressed.


Gillett, Janice


1990 -2010?


All rights held by Acacia Williams


Medium: watercolor on paper
Extent: 38 x 27.5 cm


Physical object




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