Hazbin Hotel Limited Edition Pin Set

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Hazbin Hotel Limited Edition Pin Set


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This limited edition pin set shows off four of our main characters in gold plated pin form. We have Angle Dust , Charlie , Vaggie ,and Alastor, there is even a Hazbin Hotel brand pin. The box is a deep purple and velvet lined .
Anthony "Angel Dust" (Blake Roman) a spider demon, and famous adult entertainer whose soul is owned by one of the V’s (the minor villains of the first season). He is the first person to live at the Hazbin Hotel attempting redemption.
Charlie: (Erika Henningsen) Princess Charlotte Morning Star is the daughter of Lucifer (fallen angel and ruler of Hell) and Lilith (first women and ex-wife of Adam) Morningstar. She is also the founder of the Hazbin hotel.
Vaggie (Stephanie Beatriz), manager of the Hazbin Hotel and Charlie's super supportive girlfriend, with a big secret to hide.
Alastor the "Radio Demon" (Amir Talai) He is one of the most powerful overlords in the Pride Ring in Hell. He earned his name by broadcasting his murders across Hell as he rose up in Hell. He joined the hotel as a sponsor to watch the sinners fail at reception for the fun of it.


Viviepop (Medrano, Vivienne)


Oct 27, 2022


Copyright awarded by Vivienne Medrano. Liscences granted to A24 (Firm), Bento Box Interactive Holdings , Amazon.com (Firm) by Vivienne Medrano trademarked to Vivzie Pop and SpindleHorse Toons.


This box is 5" x 6" x 1"
The pins are approx. 1.8" x1.8"


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