Jenny's Calling

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Jenny's Calling


Photographs--Color photographs--Kentucky--1981.
Photographs--Portrait photographs--Kentucky--1981.
Woman--Domestic life--Kentucky--1981.
Communication devices--Telephone--Kentucky--1981.


Portrait of Jenny Sheehan lounging in a crocheted blanket covered leather chair while on the phone in the corner of a wood paneled, wallpapered, and carpeted room. She is wearing a white dotted night gown and red, green, blue, and white plaid slipper boots with a light brown bottom. She is laying back into the chair at an angle with her legs bent and leaned to her left side and her feet are on the end of the seat of the chair with her right foot on top of her left. She is looking down and to the right while holding the corded telephone receiver with her right hand up to her ear while resting her right arm on the arm of the leather chair while her left arm rests on her chest. The spiraled telephone cord goes from the receiver across the left side of her body and across the right side of the image until it leaves the frame. To her left is a wooden table containing a glass jar with three peppermint candies, a wrapper or bag of candy and a small teal and white bottle.

Image taken in Jim Sheehan's Billingsgate home in Louisville, KY.

9011 Billingsgate Place.
Louisville, KY 40242


Timothy Sheehan




Rights over this item are held by the Sheehan Family.


Chromogenic Color Print Photograph.

Paper manufactured by Kodak.

3 1/2 x 5 1/4 in.


Still Image




Louisville, KY


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