Kevin, Cindy, and Lisa, Christmas 1983

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Kevin, Cindy, and Lisa, Christmas 1983


Photographs--Color photographs--Kentucky--1983.
Pictures--Group portraits--Kentucky--1983.
Alcoholic beverages--Beer.
Manners & Customs--Holidays--Kentucky--1983.


Candid image of a man and two woman sitting while drinking alcoholic beverages. The left half and foreground of the image is occupied by a man and a woman sitting on a couch hunched over looking to the right out of frame. The blonde man on the left is mostly out of frame but can be seen in a light button down shirt and large light brown glasses. He is in profile facing right with only his left are can be seen holding a can of "Miller" beer. Behind him to the right is a blonde woman in a dark vertically striped long-sleeved shirt that ruffles on the front and a dark skirt. She is looking to the right mid open mouthed laughing smile with her left arm resting on her knee and her right arm raised at the elbow in the air. In the background and the right side of the image is a women laughing while looking at the couple on the left. She is slightly out of focus with shoulder length curled blonde hair in a puffy long-sleeved white shirt and a brown midi skirt facing the couple with her legs crossed. She is holding a glass in her left hand while her right arm is a crossed her body supporting the glass being held in her left. The background includes tan wallpapered walls and a doorway to another room.

This image is of Kevin and Cindy Sheehan and Lisa (Sheehan) Glover. Kevin and Lisa are siblings and Kevin and Cindy are married. It was taken in Joyce Sheehan's Tremont home on Christmas of 1983 in Louisville, KY.

3003 Tremont Dr.
Louisville, KY 40205


Timothy Sheehan




Rights over this item are held by the Sheehan Family.


Chromogenic Color Print Photograph.

Paper manufactured by Kodak.

3 1/2 x 5 1/8 in.




Still Image




Louisville, KY


Timothy Sheehan, “Kevin, Cindy, and Lisa, Christmas 1983,” Wayne State University - School of Information Sciences, accessed July 23, 2024,