Ray and a Dozen Krispy Kreme

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Ray and a Dozen Krispy Kreme


Photographs--Portrait photographs--Florida--1985.
Photographs--Color photographs--Kentucky--1985.
Men--Domestic life--Kentucky--1981.
Baked Products--Doughnuts--Kentucky--1981.


A portrait of Raymond Timperman sitting at a kitchen table with a notable shadow outlining his body to his right. He is centered in the image with his hands clasped together, with his right placed on his left, and elbows and forearms on leaning the table putting his weight to his left arm. His head is turned to face just past the view of the camera to his left. He is wearing a blue and maroon plaid button down shirt with a white undershirt underneath and large frame glasses. He is seated behind the table in a green and yellow shinny floral chair that has a match to his left. To his right is the left arm of a person in a white sweatshirt resting their arms on the table in a similar way. In front of him on the table a red and white volleyball/christmas magazine on top of a newspaper which is next to a dozen sized box of Krispy Kreme Donuts. The background includes a red high chair to his right, a hanging macrame plant, and a framed still life of oranges on a white wall.

Taken in Decmeber of 1985, Raymond Timperman (Janet Sheehan's Father) sits at the table with the box of Krispy Kreme Donuts on Christmas in the kitch of his house on Casswood Dr. in Louisville, KY.

3036 Casswood Dr.
Louisville, KY 40220


Janet Sheehan


December 1985


Rights over this item are held by the Sheehan Family.


Chromogenic Color Print Photograph.

Paper manufactured by Kodak.

3 1/2 x 4 3/8 in.




Still Image




Louisville, KY


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