Bluebird babies

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Bluebird babies


Decorative arts.
Acrylic painting.
Bluebirds in art.


Acrylic paint on canvas, framed in an ebony wood frame. The background of the canvas is painted dark tan. Two bluebirds are at the center of the canvas. The bluebirds are curled together and facing each other. The bluebird on the left has its back visible while it looks to the right at the other bluebird. The bluebird on the right has its side visible while it looks to the left at the other bluebird. Both bluebirds have a mix of light and dark blue feathers with some brown mixed in near the neck and head. Behind the bluebirds is a small brown branch with green leaves scattered along it. The branch lies horizontally behind the birds. Five small white flowers bloom near the left top of the branch. At the bottom left of the canvas, the name "Joyce" is signed in brown paint. The paint lies flat on the canvas. The ebony frame is smooth to the touch.


Muklewicz, Joyce


Rights over this item are held by the creator, Joyce Muklewicz. Public use of this item or its photograph is permitted with proper credit given to Joyce Muklewicz.


Physical Object




13.25 x 15 x 1 in (dimensions of frame)


acrylic paint, canvas board, ebony (wood)



Muklewicz, Joyce, “Bluebird babies,” Wayne State University - School of Information Sciences, accessed May 21, 2024,