Halloween sign

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Halloween sign


Decorative arts.
Halloween decorations.
Halloween in art.
Pumpkin in art.
Acrylic painting--Technique.


A wood sign painted with acrylic. The sign is shaped like a pumpkin - the base has been modified from an oval shape and has a curved bottom with five rounded edges along the top. Between each rounded edge at the top is a vertical line that runs from top to bottom of the sign. A short green wooden stem is at the top of the sign. Aside from the green stem, the sign is painted dark orange-red. A thin light brown burlap ribbon has been tied around the stem. Two oval-shaped white outlines are placed on an angle near the top center of the sign. These white outlines are made of wood. Inside the white outlines near the bottom are two small black buttons, glued on to imitate a pair of eyes. To the right of the pair of eyes is the outline of the letter "B." Presumably, the letter "B" was carved in wood and attached as well, but has since fallen off. Below the wooden eyes is the main acrylic painting of a black cat and a ghost peeking around a pumpkin. The pumpkin is in the center, while the black cat is on the left and the ghost is on the right. The pumpkin is a tall oval shape and is dark orange with a green stem. Two triangle eyes, a triangular nose, and a jagged smile have been carved onto the pumpkin. These features are painted black. Within the smile near the left is a tiny white candle with a yellow flame. Next to the candle, still inside of the smile, is a small black mouse with green eyes, white ears, a white muzzle, and a white belly. Its white paw grips onto the pumpkin's smile and its light brown tail stretches toward the center of the pumpkin's smile. Inside of the pumpkin's smile on the right are two pairs of white and black eyes. The black cat on the left of the pumpkin is wearing a traditional witch hat with a black base. A purple ribbon with white vertical stripes on it is wrapped around the witch hat. The top of the hat is pointy and ends in a swirl-shape. The top of the hat is also black with orange, purple, and green polka dots. The black cat has a grey nose, grey whiskers, grey slanted eyebrows, and grey patches inside of its black ears. The black cat has two white oval-shaped eyes with black pupils. It has white freckles scattered near its nose. The black cat wears a purple collar. It peeks around the pumpkin, so it is leaning slightly to the left. One paw is wrapped around the pumpkin. One of the cat's legs is visible as well as its tail. The ghost on the right of the pumpkin is white with a round head. It has two black oval-shaped eyes with white pupils. It has yellow blush scattered across its face and a tiny black mouth. Its arm is wrapped around the pumpkin, and one round peach-colored hand is visible. The ghost leans slightly to the right. Its leg is dark blue and one black shoe is visible. The cat, pumpkin, and ghost are placed on a ground that is drawn at the bottom of the sign. Small lines of light green grass are painted along the ground. The paint lies flat on the wood sign. The wood is textured and feels slightly rough.


Muklewicz, Joyce


Wiseman, Mary




Rights over this item are held by the creator, Joyce Muklewicz. Public use of this item or its photograph is permitted with proper credit given to Joyce Muklewicz.


Physical Object




13 x 8.5 in


acrylic paint, burlap, wood



Muklewicz, Joyce, “Halloween sign,” Wayne State University - School of Information Sciences, accessed April 20, 2024, https://waynestateu.omeka.net/items/show/1080.