The skaters

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The skaters


Decorative arts.
Acrylic painting.
Skating in art.
Winter in art.


An oval-shaped wood tray painted with acrylic. The edge of the tray is curved up and down, creating a wavy effect. The entire tray is painted red. About two inches from the edge of the tray, there is an oval-shaped ridge. Within this oval-shaped ridge is the main painting. Within the oval-shaped ridge, there is a painted white oval surrounded by an orange curved border. Black leaves and yellow dots surround the orange curved border. In the white oval, a man and woman are pictured ice skating. The man is on the right side of the white oval looking to his left at the woman. The woman is to the left of the man and looking straight ahead. The woman is grasping the man's hands with both of her hands. She is leaning slightly toward the man on the right side. The man is leaning slightly to the left toward the woman. The man has peach-toned skin and chin-length straight brown hair. He wears a light blue fedora-type hat wrapped with a ribbon. The ribbon on the hat is white with a red grid pattern. A pinecone with leaves is placed on the ribbon of the hat. The man wears a long dark red trench coat with a long collar and two yellow buttons. He has a red scarf on that nearly reaches the end of the coat. Only one of his legs is visible. On the visible leg, he wears grey pants. The man has a black ice skate on. The woman has peach-toned skin and red lips. Her hair is orange. Her hair reaches her back and is blowing slightly toward the left side. She wears a teal trench coat with white fur surrounding the hood, wrists, neck, and chest area. The coat is opened slightly, so the fur stretches down the left and right side of the coat. Under the coat, the woman appears to wear a red dress with four pink buttons and a hanging pink ribbon with two black tassels. The bottom of the dress has two layers. The top layer is white with thin black horizontal stripes. The bottom layer of the dress is solid black. The woman wears red tights and black ice skates. Three small dark red vines with red berries surround the bottom of the white oval under the man and woman. Above the man and woman, a dark red vine stretches down toward the woman's face. A pink rose blooms on the left of the vine, while red berries are scattered on the right part of the vine. Along the outer edge of the tray are six groups of flowers. The center of each group of flowers is a light pink rose, with the exception of the top and bottom groups. The light pink rose is surrounded by four or five light orange rose buds and green leaves. The top and bottom groups of flowers are two light pink roses with a white rose in the center of them. Each group of flower is surrounded by a random variety of light blue and red flower buds as well as dark green leaves. Between each group of flowers stemming from the left and right sides of each flower group is an orange wavy line, creating a border along the edge of the tray.


Muklewicz, Joyce


Wiseman, Mary




Rights over this item are held by the creator, Joyce Muklewicz. Public use of this item or its photograph is permitted with proper credit given to Joyce Muklewicz.


Physical Object




20.5 x 13 in


acrylic paint, wood



Muklewicz, Joyce, “The skaters,” Wayne State University - School of Information Sciences, accessed April 20, 2024,